• Dristi Banaudha

Now the Snapchat users will be able to share their stories who have linked their
social media accounts or through text or email too with a link to a webpage for those
people who don’t have the app can view the message directly through it.

Snapchat launched his stories in 2014, it is a way to share photos and videos with all of your followers and friends at once.

Snapchat users will now be able to share their Snapchat stories outside the app to
Facebook and Twitter in order to enhance growth on the social media app. Snap has launched stories in order to share your photos and videos at once with all your followers and friends.

Once you’ve posted a story on Snapchat it will be updated there
for 24 hours and can be replayed several times, unlike the messages if sent to a single user tend to disappear without saving after opening the chat.

Starting Wednesday, this feature will be available to those who have already received the
redesigned Snapchat app. It will too roll out to the other users over the next few weeks.

I’m not highly overwhelmed with this feature, though it’s good that one can receive texts or any notifications via email who doesn’t have app, but still I don’t know why Facebook and Twitter have to indulge in every growing popularity of a social media app. Likewise, they too did that with Whatsapp, Instagram and now Snapchat.

I’ve stopped using Facebook since ages but no Facebook have to intrude unnecessarily on every social media platform.

According to me, Snapchat is the best social media app one could ever invent.
Snapchat filters, I guess are famous globally. Snapchat came into the spotlight due to its Puppy filter according to me.

Every second person around me was highly addicted to that filter when it came into existence in India. It’s the highest growing app to date. The best thing in Snapchat is its message disappearance.

One could not see the chat again if he hasn’t saved that and somehow if he or she screenshots that chat we both will get a mutual notification that “THE SCREENSHOT IS TAKEN”.

And, if you’ve blocked someone on SC then the chats are deleted from both the
sides. In terms of everything, this app is perfect for me. Privacy features are highly modern.

One should have this app for sure it doesn’t then “GO GET A LIFE”!

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