Snapchat Update: Why We Need the Old Version Back


Valluri Chandra Nikitha

Once again, the reign of terror of the Snapchat update has begun. Yes, that Snapchat update with significant interface changes that aims to separate the snaps and stories from our friends and the content provided by media companies and promotional content. In theory, this sounds like a pretty good change. After all, who would not like a more organised app where the access to every feature is streamlined?

But, that is not the case here. The main problem with this update is that while the content from media companies and the content from friends is separated, the stories and snaps that one receives from their friends is at the same place. This makes the app a lot less user friendly since the earlier separation of the stories and the snaps made it easier to view all the stories at one time and later move on to viewing the snaps. Now that they are all in one place, the whole look is lot less streamlined and organised. It also makes it difficult to see all the stories since one has to either watch all the stories in a sequence or scroll all the way down in the contacts and search for the friend whose stories are to be viewed.

One may say that scrolling through contacts or searching through to view stories is not a big deal since we scroll down or search through our contacts all the time. But, the entire point of an update is to make the app more convenient and improve the look and feel and this update is definitely not doing that. The response to the update has been overwhelmingly negative.


As of now, multiple petitions to revert the app to its original form are doing rounds, with one receiving almost 600,000 signatures on But Snap, Inc, the parent company of Snapchat argues that its just a matter of time before the people get used to the app since it is quite a big change and see the positive side of the update.

Overall, this update clearly shows us that when a company plans to change the look and interface of an app, almost completely, it must be done slowly so that the people at least have enough time to get used to it. But there is perhaps no denying that this update has perhaps not had quite the response that the company hoped for and hopefully, they will be better thought out the next time.



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