Snapchat brings a Massive Update to Change Everything!


Snapchat regularly offers unique upgrades to keep people on its toes for a more exciting experience, whether it’s Snapchat Stories, or fun new lenses, or something else entirely. And now it brings yet another update making for a more customized, personalized creative experience and a new way to share fun memories with the people who you love. There are also some other “architectural” changes, such as the toolkit having moved to the right side of the screen in a vertical manner.

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In fact, put together, the new updates to Snapchat could represent the biggest change to the service since its launch. Snapchat announced the new features as a way to reduce frustration and increase creativity and fun.

Here’s what you can expect from the most recent update, being introduced for Snapchatters to enjoy.


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With Limitless Snaps, your friends can enjoy your Snaps for as long as they’d like once they open them. Writes Snap Inc. of the feature, “We’ve all felt the frustration of not being able to enjoy a full snap — even after replaying it — and we wanted to give you the option of allowing the recipient to enjoy your Snap as long as they like.”

You can enable Limitless Snaps by tapping the infinity icon within the timer. Once your friends close them, however, your Limitless Snaps will delete, just like a Snap with a regular time limit on it.


Until now, it has been more common for Facebook and Instagram to update its services with features copied from Snapchat, but it seems Snapchat has returned the favor with the new Loop tool that is similar to Instagram’s Boomerang feature. Snapchat gives Facebook a taste of its own medicine by stealing new feature from Instagram.

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It is adding a “play forever” option for videos, which loops them so they too can be shared in a “limitless format.” Looping Videos feature will replay your Snaps over and over again until your followers close them or continue on through your Story. Just tap the looping icon after you take your video.


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In addition to the above features, snapchat also announced a Magic Eraser, which will allow you to remove unwanted objects from images, and the ability to draw with emojis. Located under the Scissors tool, this one is exactly what it sounds like. Erase something in your photo by tapping the Scissors tool and then the Stars icon. Then, if it tickles your fancy, you can replace it with something else. Tap the Doodle icon and then the new emoji icon, and go crazy.

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