Smith’s denial of ball tampering allegation

ball tampering
  • Dristi Banaudha

Steve Smith has denied the accusation that he had messed up with the ball during the match in Australia’s loss. A video posted on Twitter shows that Smith is putting his hands on the side of his lips and then rubbing his fingers on the ball.

It claims that he had rubbed the lip balm from his lips on the ball. According to the laws of cricket, the ball can be polished by a fielder “without using
artificial substance”.

Well! According to my opinion, Steve Smith is a highly overconfident and self-obsessed man. It’s not the first time that he has used subtle tricks on the field during the match.

Appreciate his performance and he is one of the reputed players in the world but what I’ve heard and seen about him I am judging him on that basis only.

If that ball tampering allegation is right then he should concede that. Overall Steve Smith isn’t that bad.


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