Smart and Quick Police Action Entraps 19 Corrupt Government Officials in Assam


The disease corruption is something which has troubled people all around the world from time immemorial. No nation of the world is exempt from this illness. It damages the very health of a nation rendering its citizens helpless and powerless. Like the rest of the world, India too has been suffering from this disease for a very long time. It has become so widespread in our country that in some cases it has become the acceptable means of getting a work done and the general way of how tasks are conducted and completed in the day-to-day life.

Some honest and good people have always tried to nab the people who indulge the offensive cases of corruption throughout the different sectors of service. But they have achieved very less success, although some of their accomplishments make us want to regain the lost hope of living in a corruption-free society someday. One such feat was achieved by a team of Assam Police on 17th July.

As they say, desperate times call for desperate means. Tuesday, July 17th, a total of 19 civil servants of Assam, who had joined the public service after they passed the highly regarded Civil examination of Assam, APSC were called in for signature verification. The allegations against them were that they indulging in unfair means, including engaging duplicate personnel in order to clear this very competitive and tough exam. Many of these officials had links to and were relatives of powerful figures of Assam, including MLAs, other civil servants etc. They were informed to come in so that their signatures could be verified to prove the authenticity of their passing the exam on their own.

But what these 19 people didn’t know that this call was, in fact, a pre-determined and very elaborately executed plan made up by some hard-working and smart police officers. They were actually lead into a trap which ultimately ended with them getting arrested as their crime was already proven by the handwriting and signature samples they team had secretly collected from their offices earlier on. The arrested officials consisted of police officers, DCs, ADCs etc. They were kept in dark about the ongoing investigation so that they would not run away and go in for the supposed verification, as had been the case in some instances earlier.

The arrested officials are currently in police custody and await further interrogation and any other course of action to be taken against them. What is at least clear right now is that they are sacked from their posts and are now seen as criminals of the state instead of the highly esteemed intellectuals and officials they were thought to be previously.

Lakhs of citizens of Assam aspiring to serve the state take the APSC exams every year. While some get through, a large majority of them face disappointment. In such a scenario, people of power indulging in corrupt means to get their people in service is a very serious and offensive crime. My greatest respect to the team of Assam police who took their responsibility seriously and thought out of a very effective plan to nab the wrongdoers. If every individual becomes as responsible and sensible like them there is still hope left for humanity and for putting a bar on corruption. We hope their achievement carries them further and more of the corrupt holders of power and authority are entrapped and brought to justice for India to prosper in the right way.

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