Shridhar Chillal Finally Clips Nails After 66 yrs


Hygiene is a big part of our personal responsibility. Right from the moment, we develop our understanding ability, the importance of personal hygiene is stressed and nailed into our minds. No lesson in science can be complete without a chapter on this. Keeping our nails clipped, clean and proper is an important part of this.

But, not to sound rude, it seems this important lesson skipped our very own Shridhar Chillal, who did not cut his nails for more than 66 long years. And what’s more, he holds a Guinness Book of World Record for having the longest nails on one hand in the world. Now that is one hard blow on the hygiene lessons our teachers and parents worked so hard on for us to ingrain!

Shridhar Chillal, the man in question had kept the nails on his left-hand uncut go for more than 66 years. But today, which can be recorded as a historic day, his nails were cut. The 82 years old cut his nail in a specially organized “nail-cutting ceremony” by Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. Beforehand, he had expressed his wish to immortalize his nails on being cut and Ripley’s Museum made this dream come true too. He was flown into New York from Pune.


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