Should parents be held responsible for crimes of their children?


If someone’s child commits a crime and gets caught for it, a parent should not be held responsible for it because the child (mostly teens ) very well know when they are committing the crime and doing something wrong. It surely has nothing to do with their parents unless the parents are condoning, encouraging, or taking part in the crime. It is only then when a parent is involved in any three of the above-mentioned acts, they are held responsible. A child or a teen, despite having a good family background may commit crimes which may be unforgivable and they may also affect not only the child but also the whole family. Such situations can be really heartbreaking for a family who had brought up their child with immense expectations. And when the child gets into something of this sort, all of the dreams and expectations are shattered at once! Thus in such situations, blaming the family can have a major impact on them mentally.

Parents work hard to raise their children and make sure they get the best of all. They sacrifice so much for the sake of their children. And after all of that, they never fail to shower their unconditional love and care on their children. Hence it is of utmost importance for the youngsters of the generation to realize the importance of this, respect their parents and not do anything that may bring embarrassment to the family.

It’s no secret that teens break the law, thinking they are invincible. Crimes such as underage driving, bullying, vandalism, also possession, and under the influence, of drugs are common among the teenagers.


Parents aren’t responsible!

Though even after all of this discussion many still might fee that a child does a crime only because that is what he had been taught by his family or something like..that is what he had been coming across while being raised. Well to all those who have this thought in their mind, should also not forget this fact that PEER PRESSURE is a factor which also plays a major role in today’s generation. Hence they are the ones who moreover affect the mindset of a child.

The major problem in the country lies with the people themselves.N one takes the responsibility for their own actions; especially if they are minors. It’s a major problem! People just know to blame others for no matter what happens on this planet! This isn’t the way.

All it does is condition someone that they are not going to face consequences when they do wrong. Why is that detrimental? Because a person gets a pretty rough reality check as an adult when they are faced with legal charges for committing a crime. At that point, their parents surely aren’t even in the picture. Only the child/teen should be penalized for committing a crime. It’s time to hold the young people responsible for their actions.




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I am Anwesha Saha , a BCA student from Kristu Jayanti College. I truely am a defence aspirant and presenlty a cadet at 3 Karnataka Battalion NCC. I look forward to inspire people to join the armed forces and thyself become one in the future.


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