Should Mobile Phones Be Used During Class?

Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have served as a great deed to mankind since the time of its invention. Since then it has evolved so much. In recent times, the number of people using mobile phones has increased dramatically. Mobile phones are not just for calling but also for several other uses. Moreover, the usage of mobile phones is done by all age groups. Its no wonder coming across toddlers using these mobile phones.




The invention of the smartphones has been beneficial to everybody. Students nowadays prefer taking their mobile phones to the classes. The mobile phones can in a way be very beneficial for the students if used in the right way. But then man is greedy and his thirst in wanting more can never be quenched.


Students certainly should not be allowed to use mobile phones in the class as this can cause the distraction in the education.No student can afford getting distracted. students might use their cell phones for unwanted purpose despite using it for the required need. This will certainly not be acceptable and might also affect the whole class.


It is true that mobile phones have made our lives a lot simpler. But at school, a child can be accessed fairly easily through the school office, so there should be no need for the mobile phone in school. I truly feel that students should be allowed with mobile phones as long as they are switched off at all times during the classroom hours.


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