These Shoes Can Order You a Pizza !


Ever fancy being able to summon a takeaway pizza with just a click of your ankles?? Then you might want to get your hands on some “Pie Tops“, a bizarre new line of ‘Smart n Hot’ shoes from Pizza Hut.


Roughly half of the company’s delivery and carry out orders are placed digitally, with 70 percent of its online sales coming from mobile app. So now, Pizza Hut is trying to grab a larger piece of the mobile pie. The chain has been struggling against its more digital-savvy rivals, and its sales are declining as others grow robustly. For example, Domino’s digital ordering technology helped power its industry leading growth.

These Pie Tops are a special-edition made by the Shoe Surgeon, aka Dominic Chambrone who uses Bluetooth technology and geolocation so wearers can get their favorite pizzas quickly ordered and delivered.

Just a push

Using the Pie Tops app, customers input their preferred order and set up their profile. The Pie Top shoes, which boast pattern stamped leather, hand stitching, and an ankle strap, will also come with a  bluetooth button. By using Bluetooth, they order a pizza and a confirmation notification will appear on the phone’s screen just to ensure the user intended to order.

Still confused? Allow retired NBA player Grant Hill to explain in Pizza Hut’s new commercial:

Sadly, there have only been 64 pairs made, in order to match the 64 teams that participate in March Madness. But apparently, the creators of the shoes don’t realize the NCAA Tournament has been expanded to 68 teams. While most of the pairs will be going out to influencers, such as members of the media.


It’s a time where we wear converse high tops and now some of the fortunate people will be wearing “pie tops”.

But hey, that doesn’t mean you’re not important. The brand has also promised that a limited number will also be made available for a few lucky fans later along with great discount offers to its customers who can’t get their feet into these special shoes in march and april.

I don’t know if this shows how far we’ve come as a society as there are some things about the future that you simply could never predict – such as shoes that can order pizza. But it’s still one small step for man, one giant leap for pizza kind..!!


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