Ship at the Harbor
  • Ayushi Jaiswal

The worthy words that could best describe the situations in life where we come across adversity and obstacles which at times may elude our confidence and courage to face them off are, a ship docked at the harbor cannot face the storm. A docked ship is very much alike a frog living in a well confined to just itself and completely unaware of the world outside. There is no way to avoid risks, dangers and hardships in life. One may believe the fact that, a ship while it is not sailing is on the safer side. But the reality in not so, even amid all the rest it gets rusted. After all, no work and all play makes jack a dull boy. One cannot come across his weakness and strengths sitting ideally within 4 walls. He needs to come out of his circle to know the same.

There lies no way to achieve success without getting through failures. The real taste of success is experienced by the ones who know to taste failure as well. There is no point in hiding ourselves to avoid failures. There may lie a possibility of you to fail but you will at least get an experience out of it. And who isn’t aware of the fact, experience is the best teacher. This must be the reason why Einstein once said,” if I fail 1000 times, I will come across 1000 ways that leads to my failure”, eventually leading to more perfection.

How could ship without sailing probably be judged, if it’s strong enough to face the storm.  Life resembles a flowing river. The one flowing through the ups and downs the rock is crystal clear while the still water is stagnant. We cannot find the intensity of a hardship till we face it. The problem from far may look small and easy to overcome, but the reality may not be so. For an infant, the sun may be a ripe, delicious fruit but its actual heat is known only to the ones walking under it. How could we know if the examination was tough, until we give it a try.

Certain things are beyond our control and will happen just the way they are bound to happen. One may escape the death even after a fall from a hill top but a tiny stone in the kidney may lead to death. Life is not in our hand but the path to lead a good life is definitely in our hands. It’s simply a waste of human resources to sit ideally instead of facing the challenges.  A ship’s job is to sail. It cannot survive forever being docked at the harbor, it would be replaced by some another ship at some point of time.  In this competitive era, one needs not only to accept but also overcome the challenges that life offers. If we are scared of them, they will always pull us down.

Strugglers are the real winners. Luxuries earned for free are nothing compared to a hard earned few bucks. Success earned by shortcuts is often short lived, but the one won by hardwork lasts forever. In order to reach its destination, a ship has to sail, face tidal ups and downs and overcome the storms. Similarly, even we need to work hard, experience the failure without giving up, be dedicated towards our aim, persevered and determined till we reach our goal. We need to pull up or socks, think out of the box, be optimistic and courageous enough to keep trying till we succeed.


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