Dismissing the alleged comment by journalist Arnab Goswami on the people of Kerala, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has started the #ProudToBeMalyali trend on Twitter. In fact, on August 25, senior Anchor of Republic TV Arnab Goswami was hosting his late night show ‘The Debate’ on a daily basis on TV. In the show, he also called the panel to discuss the financial aid of the United Arab Emirates for Rs 700 crore to Kerala. The name of this show was #FloodAidLie and in it, Goswami discussed the financial support of 700 of UAE’s Kerala. While talking about, he called the word ‘the most shameless Indian’ and on the social media this video became viral. Actually, this entire dispute stands on August 21 by the Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarai Vijayanan after the announcement of financial help from the UAE. However, the UAE later denied this news. While remaining on the announcement, Vijaynayan had cited help from the Malayan Businessman of UAE for help.

At the same time, a 30-second video of this debate is also becoming viral fast on social media, in which Arnab Goswami appears to be saying, “This group is shameless, I have never seen such a shameless Indian before.” They are spreading lies everywhere. I do not know what they got instead of spreading this lie, I do not know how much money they got for this. Are they getting money to abuse their country? Is this a part of any group? Where are they getting the fund? It is a thought-provoking conspiracy to harm the country. ‘

While on the side of Arnab Goswami’s comment, Shashi Tharoor wrote that some people with narrow-minded people are making derogatory remarks about the Malayali people, all of them have now become necessary for us that we have to Stand up and keep your side. After this tweet of Tharoor, #ProudToBeMalyali’s hashtag on social media became viral and the people of Kerala were proud to be proud of being Malayali.


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