Shailza Murder Case


There is a new murder case trending in the top stories since the last Sunday of this month. The murder case involves two army majors in the news. There was a dead body found at the Brar Square, Delhi Cantonment area last Saturday. The body was later identified to be of Mrs. Shailza Dwivedi, wife of Major Amit Dwivedi.

Major Amit’s colleague Major Nikhil Handa was suspected to be the hands behind the crime. Major Amit in his statement about someone whom he suspects as the murderer of his late wife revealed how he had seen Mrs. Shailza and Major Nikhil conversing over a video call. He had also revealed about his doubt of an extramarital affair between his wife and his colleague which made him buy a new house at some place unknown to his fellow Major to maintain a distance between his wife and his colleague.

After a thorough investigation in the case, the authorities revealed about the high number of calls, i.e., 3300 exchanged between Mrs. Shailza and Major Nikhil in a span past six months. As per the reports, Mrs. Shailza was found dead on a runway after a car ran over her which left her throat slit. The CCTV footages reveal Mrs. Shailza getting into a car. After some time, she was spotted dead.

The officials said that Major Nikhil was found to be hiding in Meerut at the Officers’ mess Cantonment after a murder. He was also in touch with his few friends. When the official team reached the mess to nab him, he tried to escape in his silver-color car.

Sir Vijay Kumar, The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP),  West Delhi stated that Major Nikhil, who is accused in the murder case had been misleading the investigating team so far. He had also given the false information that the murder weapon, knife, found was not the actual murder weapon used to kill Major Amit’s wife.

He also mentioned that the murder weapon submitted in the custody is not the one that was used to kill Shailza. The investigation also found that following the murder sequence, the accused called upon his friend to inform him about the same. It is yet not confirmed of the friend had played any role in the murder.

The accused was found to have made fake social media accounts to befriend Mrs. Shailza. He was obsessed with Shailza and had been in constant touch with the demised since January this year. He planned to murder Shailza when she realized his intentions and refused to marry him.

The one-sided psychic love story of Major Nikhil had not only one lady, Shailza in his life. He had confessed his relationship with two more ladies at the same time when was trying to woo Mrs. Shailza.

The officials have seized in, the car that Shailza was last seen traveling in. The investigations report that this was the last attempt by Handa to woo Shailza into a marriage alliance. He took her in his car for the same but, when the deceased refused, the accused slit her throat with a knife. The police team said the car had bloodstains, murder weapon and fingerprints and hair strands of the deceased. This evidence was then taken for the forensic tests.

DCP Vijay Kumar in his statement mentioned that his team is done with almost 90 percent of the work in the case and the truth will be out in a matter of few days.


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