Shah Rukh Khan Delivers One of the Most Inspiring Speech ever at TED Talk !


TED stands for technology, entertainment, and design. The TED conference organises talks with ‘thinkers’ which last 18 minutes or less, in which the guests share their ideas on their field of expertise. This year Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan became the first Indian actor to speak at TED Talk, Vancouver.

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There was an ulterior motive for getting Khan on the TED stage. Later this year, he’ll host a TV version of TED Talks in India called “Nayi Soch”.

Shah Rukh Khan started his speech with a ‘Namaskar’, ends with a ‘Shukriya’ and between those two words, packs in his vision for our world. Dozens of fans staked out at the convention center where the TED Talk was supposed to be held to catch a glimpse of their favourite Bollywood superstar.

His TED talk is packed with all the wit, emotion and wisdom that one has come to expect of him. In the 17-minute talk, Shah Rukh Khan reflected on his youth, growing up in New Delhi, losing both his parents by the time he was in his twenties, and then, moving to the “sprawling metropolis of Mumbai”, to follow his dreams of becoming a movie star.

He shared anecdotes from his life and compared humanity to an aging movie star like him. He also expressed his angst against the lack of freedom of expression on social media, and he spoke about the love that the people of India have showered over him and made him what he is today.  At the end of his speech Shah Rukh Khan received a standing ovation.

Here are few powerful quotes addressed by Shah Rukh Khan in his speech-

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He tweeted the TED Talk video with the words, “Create a world which is its own best lover. My session at the @TEDTalks is now up. Hope u like it.” The tweet since then has already gone viral and generated around much retweets and 3000 likes.

Enjoy the full TED talk here:


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