Whenever we are planning for a trip venturing for abroad, generally the places that comes first to our mind are probably London or the United States of America. Sorting more out in them and solely focusing on the island ones, focus drives on to Australia or Singapore and so on…intermittently looking out for the famous ones, but what if we do get the experience of an ulterior island at an affordable range, with a low-key profile and also get a chance to explore the almighty Indian Ocean?

Well the direction of your question straight away points to Seychelles. Lying 1500 kms east of mainland Africa, in the Indian Ocean, from spending an unforgettable honeymoon to a relaxing family holiday, Seychelles offers everything that a nature enthusiast to a water adventurer aspires for and that too at a very affordable range. With having a population of just about 90,000, it becomes one of the most soothing places to hit the stamp on your passport. Here are 5 offbeat things you can nail in Seychelles.

  1. Why only honeymoon, have a destination wedding in Seychelles.

At 1 Indian Rupee being equal to only 0.20 Seychelles’ rupee, the dream of having a destination wedding can come true along with spending your honeymoon. The government of Seychelles officially helps in making your stay comfortable along with the wedding procedure so that there is no hassle at the last moment. Do not forget to pose with the government officials though.


  1. Diving and Snorkelling.

Beau Vallon, 3km from Victoria on Mahé’s northwest coast, has the island’s longest and, rather many would say, best beach. Compared to the other tropical destinations, this island provides a unique seaside ambience, with fishers selling fish under the shade of tamakama trees, giving a complete thrilling and spine chilling adventurous experience that too with the most beautiful natural interaction awaiting  down under the sea.


  1. Best place for the nature enthusiasts.

If you are completely obsessed with nature and breathe in the little nuances of it, well you have selected the right place. Gorgeous World Heritage–listed Vallée de Mai is one of only two places in the world where the rare coco de mer palm grows in its natural state (the other being nearby Curieuse Island). It’s also a birding hot spot: watch for the endemic Seychelles bulbul, the lovely blue pigeon, the Seychelles warbler and the endangered black parrot, of which there are between 500 and 900 left in the wild. It’s a real slice of Eden. North of Beau Vallon, there’s some great scenery up the coast to Glacis and North Point. With your own wheels, it’s a scenic drive on a narrow road that hugs the coastline, with intermittent, lovely views over secluded coves at the foot of the cliffs, which proves out to be the ultimate soul-racking place for the photographers as well.


  1. Barbeque experiences.

Love having barbeque parties?  Well the most lovable experience is here. Anse Lazio, on the northwest tip of the island, is picture-perfect everywhere you look and it often turns up in lists of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The long beach has lapis lazuli waters, a thick fringe of palm and takamaka trees, and granite boulders at each extremity.

With one of the healthiest ocean lives and the utmost scenic beauty with the sun reflecting off the white sand, turquoise water, green jungles and fiery sunsets make everything surreal, a tropical dream-come-true; it becomes a perfect place for the barbeque parties.

  1. Markets and African culture.

Well no trip is complete without exploring the markets and the cultural aspects of place.  Well the Victoria market being the most famous one there, is small by African standards, but it’s a bustling, colourful place nonetheless. Alongside fresh fruit and vegetables, stalls sell souvenirs such as local spices and herbs, as well as the usual assortment of pareos (sarongs) and shirts. Early morning is the best time to come, when fishmongers display an astonishing variety of seafood, from parrotfish to barracuda. It’s at its liveliest on Saturday.

So the next time when you are juggling between different places to travel, do take a look at Seychelles to get an unforgettable experience.



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