Sexual Harassment in Bollywood: Has enough voices been raised against it?

  • Navneel Maji

In the last year, Harvey Weinstein has been convicted of sexual harassments from over eighty actresses from Hollywood. This happened when Harvey was in amidst huge success and was top of the game.

He had the power to dictate the future of other actors in Hollywood. When we huge institutions breed such enormous power to people working at the top of the food chain, there could be someone trying to misuse.

As likely, Harvey Weinsteins are not uncommon in Bollywood as well. Many prominent actors like Richa Chadda, Priyanka Chopra, etc., have openly accepted the presence of such heinous culture in Bollywood.


Richa Chadda in her blog post has openly criticized such an environment prevailing in Bollywood, calling it ‘everlasting nightmare’. It is sorry that people who are not in power – rising actor, both male and female – have to face such situation where they have asked to be in a comprised situation.

Ranveer Singh before he was a prominent actor has reported of facing a casting couch for a movie. However, the cases reported and the voices spoken against it are next to none.

Richa Chadda also points out that when actors do not speak against them they have their reasons as they have to be careful with so much comes at stake. The culture is too not supportive of that because here we blame the victim for getting into the situation – saying, ‘ab to koi ijjat Nahi Bachi society mein.’

After female actors started to speak against Harvey, we saw something called Harvey effect where stories of other serial assaulters had come up along and more people speaking against who have been a victim of it.

Are we going to see something like that happening in Bollywood inevitably? We shouldn’t be surprised when some notable person in Bollywood comes up. Speaking of what should the people do when faced with a situation like that, Richa says that one should not be silent and start by speaking to someone whom you trust about it.

One should save or record messages, emails that went between as an evidence that could be the culprit.

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