Are Sentiments Like Glass?


Nothing gets hurt as fast and as frequently in India as religious sentiment. Cinema is a mass medium. It naturally ends up stomping on those fragile sentiments, making them crack like glass, even when filmmakers don’t intend it.

Case 1

Behen hogi teri

Image Source: Behen Hogi Teri

In the long line of Bollywood films that have unwittingly “hurt religious sentiments”, the latest are Bhen Hogi Teri and the animation film Hanuman Da’Damdaar.
The first film outraged an upright citizen for showing the lead character dressed as Lord Shiva and sitting on a bike. Even though the character’s job is to dress up as a Shiva. Hence,  A police complaint was filed and arrest warrants were issued.

Case 2


Image Source: Hanuman Da’Damdaar

In the second case, the “trendy language” used by Hanuman was considered objectionable by pahlaj nihalani. She is a chairman of the central board of film certification, informally the Censor Board. So, editing was done in the film. Hence, this film got a U/A certificate. Ruchi Narain, director of Hanuman points out, “Technically, it’s not the censor board, which has become; it’s supposed to be the certification board.”

Sentiments lover

“India’s favourite past time is to get offended. As a result, People get offended about anything and everything.” –Lakshay Sharma
(now please don’t get offended by this).
Mandira Bedi got a tattoo of a sikh religious symbol. Hence, A complaint was filed against her.
I think I should get a tattoo of a cow. So, I will get much more protection. (LOL)
In Maharashtra, all chicken, goats and sheeps are thinking- Why do gais have all the fun?
Beef is offensive to the majority Hindus. As much as Pork is offensive to Muslims. All kinds of meat are offensive to Vegans and Vegetarians. While the banning of something is a debatable topic in itself. So, the major problem with the banning of beef in Maharashtra is not regarding the merits or non-merits of such a decision, but rather the motivation behind it.
Hence, God loves human everyday and cow on Tuesday.

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