Senegal story who crashed out of the world cup by the most weirdest way ever happened in WC history.

Senegal eliminated from world cup 2018 through by fair- play point system and became the first team ever to go out from this criteria. Japan and Colombia advanced to next round from Group H.


It was Senegal second world cup participation and couldn’t get this much worse and cruel.

A Senegal team is known as the “Lions of Teranga ” won the many hearts in the world cup and emerged as the favourite in between the fans, but it’s very sad that despite how much good they were 2 yellow cards decided their fate.

They added colours in this world by their kick-uniforms, fun players, busting style of play and some most passionate fans and very dynamic, an attractive manager who unique hairstyle always made turned the cameras on him.

They blown away Poland in their first opening game and made a thrilling draw against Japan and made themselves one of favourite to book their place in next round.

Yesterday they just need one point against Colombia to go through but instead, they were crashed out like other Africam teams in this year world cup. But their exit was the most humiliating way to go out.

In other group match going on the same time, Japan also made way easy for Senegal to go through as they lost to already out Poland 1-0 and looked liked this cleared almost all hurdles for Senegal to go through.

But it was narrow of leads, and pre-game odds gave 3  of the team Senegal, Colombia and Japan chance to even win the group. Like Japan Loss made theoretically possible for both Senegal and Colombia to make through, and when Poland took the lead against Japan, both Senegal and Colombia came in very chill position and thought of advancing together happily.

All things were looked smooth for Senegal even before when Colombian star player James Rodriguez went out of the game due to calf injury and Colombia looked very vulnerable without him, and Senegal  kept themselves very tight and consistent with 4-4—2 setup, and they were very in confident taking game scoreless till the 90min, but Colombia defender Yerry Mina scored a fantastic header and give Colombia a lead this is the first shock to the Senegal dreams.

Both games in the group ended with 1-0 scoreline which meant both Japan and Senegal were tied on points, goal difference, head-to-head record and goal scored.  But then the worst and even cruel possible way of scenario came into light, that the decision had to be made on the basics of fair-play points.

It was the reality that broke the Senegal hearts when just because of Japan having 3 yellow cards against 5 of Senegal they asked to go out and Made Japan go through ,Senegal remained wondered what happened,but they have to accept this dark reality that this is world cup which shows no mercy and things turn around in the thin margins of errors.

It was not much fair to say Senegal very much deserved to go through as they lost to Colombia and not performed in that level that expected from them.

Senegal will go home in pride in terms of whatever amazed they did in the tournament and they will be a very fascinating world story that will be remembered last long and surely they became the great world cups tales to tell.


All over that’s the fun of having world cup where every point, every decision every goal matters a lot, you can’t go away ignoring anything here, Senegal exit is painful but this football sometimes it is very-very cruel and brutal.







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