Self – Reflection


Do we really know who we are? Does the mirror really show our real face? Do we really acknowledge the changes that we incur as we grow up? I think these are some of the questions that we need to ask if we think about our identity, our existence, our self or to put it in one phrase, when we ‘self – reflect’.

Often times what we are and what we want to be are two completely different things, but still, they are two sides of the same coin. We can’t understand one without taking the other into account. The society and the community we live in plays a vital role in shaping us into who or what we grow up to be. And in this process, our ‘real self’ gets lost somewhere.

Thinking about oneself is not easy. People may even call us selfish because of it. But I think it is very necessary if we want to have a better understanding of ourselves, our identity and our capabilities. Musing about self – reflection these are the lines that flow through my mind –


Let me be in my imaginary world

Let me enjoy the sun and the moon together

Let me live my life on my own terms

Let me be just who I am.

Layers of masks covering a face

Peel one off – another comes up

Disguised in masks all through life

The self-forgets what one is actually like.

Billions of stars shining up high

To touch one – it is impossible to try

So rather than touching why not be one

And try to evade the darkness around.

Live the moment before it crushes on you

Enjoy as the day and night merges into one

Let others say what they like

Only you must know who you really are.





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