Self Confidence- The Key to Success!


Self-confidence is the belief in one’s own capability to accomplish a task and select an effective approach to solve a problem. It includes confidence in one’s ability as expressed in increasingly challenging circumstances and confidence in one’s decisions or opinions. Confidence is taking responsibility for your actions, and being ready to accept their outcome, whatever it is.

Many people confuse cheeky, outgoing, dominating successful people with confident people but there is nothing more far away from the truth than that. I have never known a confident bully. Most successful showbiz people are extremely fragile beings in their private lives. Their apparent confidence is fueled by success deriving from their talent, by drugs, by the forceful submission of others, by power over other human beings. When the fueling element comes less, the lives of these people often turn into tragedy.

High self confidence

There’s a circle of success here, of course: success breeds confidence, confidence builds success. But there needs to be an element of reality in that process – high self-confidence comes from a realistic assessment of your chances of success, followed by a performance that matches or exceeds your expectations

People with high confidence

-Trust their opinion even in the face of opposition
-Are decisive

-Take risks and try new things

-Have a presence and healthy mind

The beliefs you have about yourself often appear to be statements of fact, although actually they’re really only opinions. They are based on the experiences you’ve had in life, and the messages that these experiences have given you about the kind of person you are. If your experiences have been negative, your beliefs about yourself are likely to be negative too.

People with low self confidence

-Avoid confrontation with people
-Do not trust their judgment

 -Avoid challenges

-Unable to stand up for their rights

There is a actually a distinct difference between self confidence and arrogance. As people often get confused between confidence and arrogance.

Arrogance is almost always a destructive behavior, while a nice dose of self confidence can take a man or woman to heights almost unimaginable.If you are going to develop self confidence you must start with eliminating fear.


    • -Hesitate to try new things

Fear antagonizes the human soul.It speaks to man telling him, “You can’t do it -you are not strong enough to make the attempt – you should worry of what others may think – you will fail.”

For those people who can master and eliminate fear, they will begin immediately developing self confidence.

As you continue to push your yourself and face your fear, the confidence within you will grow

The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you.



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