Selena Gomez No Longer the Most Followed Person on Instagram


Selena Gomez, one of the most loved celebrities all around the world. She is a Hollywood actor-singer – song writer. To say, she is an all rounder in her field won’t be wrong. Hence she has millions of followers on her social media handles. Because of her popularity and downs to earth personality, she us immensely loved by the people and her fans.

Gomez had been the unrivalled queen of Instagram since 2016 with the most number of followers, a title she took over from her buddy Taylor Swift. But now it has come to notice that she is no longer the queen. A king had come up to dethrone her.

This may be a result of the current personal crisis and difficult situation in life she is undergoing. Added to this may be her decision to stay away from social media platforms for some time, at least till her life comes back to the track.

The new king of Instagram is no one else but the football star Cristiano Ronaldo, who surpassed Gomez’s followers count this morning. According to US weekly, Ronaldo currently has 144,338,650 followers as opposed to Gomez’s 144,321,029.

For how long this new king remains on his throne is something to know in the future. But till then let’s give him time to soak in the glory of being the world’s most followed celebrity /person on Instagram.

Whether Gomez will be able to reclaim her throne once she decides to make a come back is something to look forward to too. And going by her track record of remaining at the pinnacle of a list which changes every second for more than 2 years, it doesn’t seem very difficult for her.


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