Sedition laws: Freedom of speech and expression!

Is this you say Freedom of Speech


The ability to speak frankly and openly on any topic is a valuable right. The same is provided to us by the right to freedom of speech. This not only includes the written or spoken word but also types of expression. This includes to visual interpretations, as well as artistic forms of speech.

I think it’s accepted that the right of freedom of expression should be used only for common good but there are many unsolved questions. I.e: how far the right extends and when it starts to insult? Is it one’s right to offend others? Sedition covers words, either spoken or written or signs that bring or attempts to bring hatred towards the government. And the sedition law makes this attempt of bringing hatred towards government punishable and falls under section 124A of IPC.

Don't Exploit the Law
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But this law has many of its shortcomings that need to be amended. If Liking a Facebook post, cheering a rival cricket team, drawing cartoons landing us in some sort of punishment then we really can’t say that we have a right to speech or expression.


Yes, this is true. In a case Aseem Trivedi a cartoonist was charged with sedition. He was charged in the saying that his cartoons insulted national symbols. Is replacing 3 lions with 3 wolves with a message of long live corruption in any sense bringing hatred towards the country? Surely not.

The famous Ramya case which need not to be elaborated. The basic essence of the Law is to regulate the human conduct. But it is regulating the same up to the point till it is really not required. It has led people to take undue advantage of it.

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Things are speaking for itself. But we are not listening to it or if we are then we are not acting upon it.

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