How in the world can a crystal or a gemstone help us to heal? It can!

Crystal healing is an alternative medical technique in which crystals and various other stones are used to treat ailments and protect against diseases. Crystals are solid objects that are made up of repeated patterns of geometric shapes. When they’re placed on your body, while you’re holding them, while they’re on display in your home, or even while they’re just chilling in your pocket, “they act as conduits for healing—allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative energy flows out.”, says Luke Simon, one of the founders of Maha Rose Center for Healing in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Healing stones are used to cure several Physical, Psychological and Metaphysical disorders. Healing Stones are also used to cure Depression, Migraine, Hypertension, Hormonal Imbalance, Diabetes, allergy, sinus, Asthma, Skin infections, Anemia, Arthritis, Indigestion, acidity, infertility and several other mental and physical illnesses and disorders. They also have the power to treat ailments related to Blood, Skin, Lungs, Liver, Kidney, Heart, Reproductive system and Immunity.

So, now the question arises, How Healing Crystal stones work?

Healing Crystals are naturally formed and so possess Natural Powers, and Healing Properties. Each crystal has it’s unique Frequency & Energy level. Our entire body is just an energy that shows up in various patterns.  When these patterns of energy work together in a balanced way then we experience our good health. When these patterns are disrupted, we experience poor health. This can vary from a headache to the worst that you can imagine in terms of poor health. Gemstones or healing crystals radiate pure patterns. They resonate with unmatched consistency. Gemstones sing their incredible songs of structure, balance, wavelength and frequency and also can bring us back into harmony.

To be clear, healing crystals are not medicines. They will not actually improve a medical diagnosis. But if you believe in them, they might improve your mood.  Therapists may never give these crystals at the fixed time of the day, but they may help you mentally feel more mindful and peaceful.

Now let’s talk about the most famous explanation behind these crystals i.e. Placebo Effect. This explanation states that any patient who has been given a dummy pill or a placebo tends to react to the treatment only because he believes that it will work. Due to a strong faith in the practitioner who recommends the medicine, the patient’s condition begins to improve.

There is also a study proving the same. For the study, 80 participants were asked to meditate for five minutes while holding either a real quartz crystal or a fake crystal that they believed was real. Before meditating, half of the participants were primed to notice any effects that the crystals might have on them, like tingling in the body or warmth in the hand holding the crystal.

After meditating, participants answered questions about whether they felt any effects from the crystal healing session. The researchers found that the effects reported by those who held fake crystals while meditating were same with the effects reported by those who held real crystals during the study.

Many participants in both reported feeling a warm sensation in the hand holding the crystal or fake crystal. They also experienced an increased feeling of overall wellbeing. Those who had been primed to feel these effects reported stronger effects than those who had not been primed. However, the strength of these effects did not correlate with whether the person in question was holding a real crystal or a fake one. Those who believed in the power of crystals were twice as likely as non-believers to report feeling effects from the crystal.

Now, we will discuss the benefits of various crystals:

Jasper: Known as the bloodstone, they strengthen the blood cells. It helps in increasing creativity and bringing about spiritual harmony.


Quartz: It is known as an overall health enhancer. And also a strong repellent of all the negativity around.


Moonstone: It looks quite similar to the moon and hence the name. This stone is known to possess the energy that is beneficial to all the ladies out there! It helps in period problems, childbirth, and fertility.

So, grab a stone or a crystal and feel the good vibes for yourself !


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