Science Behind Indian Traditions-2


My last piece of work was solely about bringing into light the scientific facts behind some of the most prevalently renowned Indian traditions worldwide. That small work of mine was to draw the sincere attention of the critics towards the intellectuality of the Indians, especially the ones from the ancient era.

I had also mentioned in that piece about the Aryans, the intellectual ancestors of the mankind as per the Hindu dharma. I have once again taken your precious time to bring to light the scientific facts behind some other I Indian traditions. My last content had in it some 5 traditions and was the 1st edition to the series of the entitled topic.

Here I present before you the second edition to the same.

# Tilak: Every foreigner who ever visited India and the ones who will seek out their time to visit the Sub-continent is surely going to witness the tradition of Tilak. The scientific reason behind tilak is the place where the tilak is applied i.e., the spot between the eyebrows is one of the major nerve points. The application of Tilak between the eyebrows keeps the nerve point pressed and thus, facilitates the blood circulation in the facial regions. The tilak also prevents the energy loss and helps in maintaining the concentration levels.

# Throwing coins in rivers: There seems no scarcity of the divine rivers in the Indian subcontinent. Here, in this state of gods and cultures, almost every other river is entitled to the divine. And throwing coins into the rivers has become a prevalent way of worshipping the rivers. But, there is hardly anyone I have known who knows the reason behind this throwing of coins into the river.
Well, the reason that I am talking about is purely scientific and not the religious one. The ancient coins were usually made out of the copper metal and copper is one of the most vital minerals for the human bodies. The rivers in the ancient days were the only source of drinking water and throwing coins in the rivers was thus, a way to ensure the sufficient intake of vital minerals through drinking water.

# Surya Namaskar: One of the most recommended yoga aasan by the doctors as well as the yog gurus is the Surya namaskar. It is also mentioned in the holy books from the Hindu religion that Surya namaskar is a kind of tradition of praying and paying respect to the Surya Devta.
Performing Surya namaskar on a regular basis ensures that we get up early and maintain a proper routine so as to manage time for the significant works.

# Reading scriptures: Reading of holy scriptures ensure the reader to learn various lessons that would help him perform better in his life. And the best part about scriptures is that they tell a lot about the high and low tides of life through some story. They bring out the worthy life experiences before us to help us learn the significance of pains and pleasures in life.

# Sleeping Directions: If you are living with a family that lives as per the guidance from the elders, you surely then for at least once must have experienced the scolding for not sleeping in a proper direction.
Are you aware of the reason as to why we owe to sleep in an appropriate direction…?
Well, if not.
You need not worry too. Here is the reason…
Sleeping with your head facing the north is a taboo in the Hindu culture. The scientific fact that follows is the human body has its own magnetic field. And the earth is a giant magnet whose magnetic fields are all about from north to south.
Sleeping with your head facing north makes the magnetic fields of your body and earth asymmetrical which causes disturbances in our metabolism. Our heart thus needs to work harder in order to overcome this magnetic field.
So, it is recommended not to sleep facing the north direction.



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