The Science Behind Doodles

Getting creative with a pen and paper.
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We all know how noodles is a big relief for our hunger pranks.After having a plate full, we find ourselves content. If you are in a classroom or office just sitting idle or thinking to overcome a difficult situation .You may find yourself scribbling on the paper making different patterns. These little scribbles make perfect doodles. Doodling between long work hours steals some really fun moments for you. Remember the last page of your notebook?

Last page of notebook

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Doodling keeps our mind in present and it is a misconception that scribbling on paper is done by whom, who has lost interest in their present task or people who are daydreaming.But facts have revealed that doodlers have a better memory, improved focus and concentration.Some of us make flowers, roads, houses and some make geometric shapes, arrows etc.These patterns reveal about our personality type as different people end up making similar patterns.

People who make curves or circle like figures are the those who gets emotional easily. They promote harmony and crave affection. A large doodle shows a confident person, who can be verbose at times whereas a small doodle conveys that person prefer to observe than to participate, but have a strong opinion.


These doodlers may draw rose petals to indicate love in their life. Bunch of flowers shows that person makes friends easily. If flower is with round centre and have pointed petals, they are hiding a warm heart behind defensiveness.

Flower with round centre
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Flower Doodle

Names,Signatures or initials:

These people enjoy being centre of attention.Doodling someone else’s name shows you are continuously thinking about that person.

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Stars are most frequent figure for the people who follow optimistic approach.They are considered highly ambitious.A uniformity in such pattern indicates an electrifying personality.

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A passionate doodler makes fancy arrows but those who make pointed arrows, they are targeting something that is really important to them.

Pointed and angular arrows.
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Aeroplanes or boats:

These doodlers are trying to escape from a typical situation.They do not show this desire of leaving but think about it continuously.

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This common doodle indicates a need for security. A neat drawing of a house suggests a secure home life, a more messy-looking sketch (especially one without windows) indicates unhappiness with your home life.

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If you see a highly detailed doodle, that means the doodler is an introvert. A chessboard patterns indicates that person is prone to mood swings.

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