Are Single Sex Schools Better Than Co-Ed Schools?


Co-ed or single sex school ? This has always been a major reason of concern for most of the parents while getting their child admitted for schooling. Both of these have their own set of pros and cons.

Despite an increasing trend towards coeducational education, many parents continue to opt for single-sex schooling for their son or daughter. This is because of personal experience, perception or preference.

Whenever I am asked by parents if single-sex schools produce better educational outcomes than coeducational schools, the answer is no they don’t.While many parents cite reasons such as wanting their child to focus on learning free of distractions from the opposite sex or wanting their son or daughter to fully appreciate subjects .

Everyone assumes that while co-ed schooling might be good for teaching boys and girls the finer points of how to interact and work with the opposite sex, their academic performance suffers.Once teenage hormones kick in, so the theory goes, boys and girls are going to be a distraction to each other.

Food for thought :But do our views about co-ed versus single-sex schooling hold up? Perhaps not. Firstly, the whole “distraction” assumption assumes that all our kids are straight, so we see how there are some holes in that theory 😀

In co-ed schools beside studies boys and girls also learn how to behave with each other in terms of emotionally, physially etc. This applies to both boys and girls. In one way or other this helps and nurtures them being a better human being in future. Co-ed’s also eliminate the hesitation that boys and girls feel towards each other due to our Indian culture. It helps them to know the basic traits of the opposite sex and hence co-operate with each other.

And for the parents who think that enrolling in co-ed will distract their child. I must say distractions can come from anywhere like society, relatives etc but school.

Encouraging co-ed schooling is a big step towards gender equality and hence it helps the opposite gender being compatible with each other.


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