Why you should Scan your Feet on Doormats?

Scan your feet doormat
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Why doormats?

The summer brings a lot of dusty winds along with it. Now, who wants prints of dirty shoes on well cleaned and shining floor? A warning sign just near the entrance to keep off the shoes is already there but that doesn’t help much. I can say my guests are always excited to see me! With lots of love and care entering my house, I also see hidden germs crawling just under the shoes that come along. If you have kids in the house, you can understand the situation well that kids do pick up things fallen on the floor. If the kids are young enough, they take things in the mouth as well.

Shoes outside doormat
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To get rid of this, recently bought a large doormat that covers my doorstep. However, it doesn’t fit well and often gets stuck in door stoppers. Searching for a good doormat can really be a tiresome job. It needs an effort if you want a welcoming and helping doormat for your entrance.

How to choose a correct doormat:

Doormats are the most neglected thing as it keeps resting at the entrance and user doesn’t even notice it. For the people, who takes good care of their home décor and loves to do experiments, doormats can really be a fun prop to use. A well-selected doormat not only protects the floor from getting wet and dirty but also completes your main entrance with elegance.

Fun Prop doormat
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The doormats are the necessity just as the things you buy for your regular needs. It helps you even if you are too lazy to clean up or keep your shoes out.

After buying a misfit for my entrance, I readily note down all the points to avoid such a mistake in future. It is going to save time and money both. When buying a doormat:

Choose mats according to the usability of doors:

High traffic doors:

A doormat having the quality of scrapper with the thick surface will be a perfect choice but the thing that is to be remembered is about the thickness. A thick doormat will get stuck in the door and thin doormat will slide through it.So, the fabric and texture are important factors when you buy it for outdoors. Good choices can be teak, woven seagrass or waterproof coconut fibers.

Seagrass doormat
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Low traffic doors:

Doors with low traffic can be a balcony door or a door of wash areas of houses. Most of the people visit once or twice in these areas. These doors require a doormat with good absorption quality. It can have a mixed fabric so it does not slide when you wipe your feet on it. It should not discolor floor beneath it. The color of doormat should be such that it doesn’t look dirty.The color may include mottled and dark shades.

Remember, the doormats are as visible as all the other accessories of the house. The good the qualities of mats, the more it absorbs dust.

Consider the surface:

Surface of doormat
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Mostly, you will get all types of surfaces in doormats. A fully absorbing surface or a scrapper one. But it should include both the qualities to whisk off mud and wipe off your feet. The bottom surface should not be a slippery one.

What is available widely:

Rubber doormats:
Rubber mat
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Their wide and open pores catch all the mud sticking to shoes. It is easy to clean it up as it collects all the debris in its void like structure.They are extremely durable and requires a less maintenance.

Poly coir doormats:

Poly Coir Doormat
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Coir doormats are best scrappers. They provide a rough surface to rub your feet well. It can absorb a lot of dust. Shaking it will remove all the dust and it will be ready to use it again.

Non-slip backings:

Non slip back
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In the rainy season, the floors can get really slippery so it is very important to keep it dry. Wet feet will leave perfect footprints right behind them. A doormat with nonslip back guards your floor against these ugly prints.


It can loose the color if you use a strong detergent. Read the instructions carefully before cleaning it.Dry brush technique is a quick method and easy hack to clean it.

Washing the doormats
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Do not step on doormat:

Socks on doormat
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The thing that collects debris is the dirtiest thing in the house. A good quality of doormat absorbs a lot of dust and other things. It may collect pet fur, pollen grains along with all the debris. Do not step on a doormat if you are wearing socks as many dust particles will stick on it and enter inside. If any one member of your house is allergic to fur or pollen grain, it can create serious health problems.

You can select it according to your personal choice and space availability. With a personalized touch, they will play a role of the welcoming partner for your guest!

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