Supreme Court For CBI Probe If ‘Common Thread’ Found


The Supreme Court has asked a single agency to re-investigate the case if found a common thread in the murders of the social activists like Dabholkar, Kalburgi G, Gauri Lakesh and Govind Pansare. The court also said that if a similar thread is found, the Supreme Court had directed the CBI to file its first report in January. The bench involving Justices U.U Lalit and Naveen Sinha had sought out the response from CBI.

The court asked why there was no investigation conducted between the four murders. According to a report by the Karnataka Police, Gauri Lankesh and M.M Kalburgi had intimate connections and similarities to the death. The case of Dabolkar is still being investigated by the Central agency. Govind Panse’s case is in the trial court in Kolhapur. The police said that they will submit the report within three months of the Kalburgi case.

Kulburgi and Pansare were killed in 2015 whereas Gauri Lankesh was shot dead in front of their home on September 5, 2017. Dabholkar’s murder was in 2013. The police had earlier suspected that there was a link in these four murders. They all were, however, attacked by goons on bikes.

These four activists were the strong voices of dissent in the country which opposed all kinds of fascism. They were brutally murdered by forces which are still not identified.


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