Say Goodbye ….. !


Say goodbye to the past

Because it’s time to move on

Say goodbye to your sorrows

Because it’s time to be happy

Say goodbye to your mistakes

To people who broke your trust

To those defied your feelings

Because it’s time to calm down your spirits

It’s time for new beginnings

I know it won’t’ be easy

Your heart will resist falling in love again

A rebel deep within the soul

But eventually, you will find your way out

You will find someone


In some moment’s time

Who would firmly hold your hand

And safely take you out of the dark passage

Least concerned about your past

A patron strong enough

To protect you from dementors of life

(Who occasionally trouble your psyche

A hindrance to your existence,

Not letting your car move after ‘second gear’)

That someone would be a friend

Who always be there for you











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