Many of you when bored must be watching Sarabhai vs Sarabhai again and again. No need to do so now. They are back with their season 2. The show is expected to go air in May this year.

Why this sitcom needed a comeback?


  • Maya Sarabhai’s sophistication

She is one important reason why we want a comeback. No one can forget her patent dialogues like “Monisha that is so middle class”!

  • Rosesh’s poetry

His accent and his poems made us fall in love with poems. The style of his saying “Moma”,     how can someone not miss that?

  • The middle-class  Monisha

Every middle-class woman can totally relate to her when she wants everything for free even the dhaniya!!!

  • Humorous Indravardhan

No one will ever be able to beat his level of sarcasm. His special love for Rosesh cannot be forgotten.



  • Madhusudhan Phuphaji’s “HAIN”

Whenever there was something worth listening phuphaji had to say hain?

  • The master of technicalities DUSHYANT

Maya and Indravardhan’s son in law, Dushyant who had a real knack to explain everything in technical terms.

So, now go grab an episode of SARABHAI VS SARABHAI if you have not watched it before and others wait for may to watch its sequel.


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