Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Coming This September Only ?


South Korea’s company Samsung will soon launch a foldable smartphone. While pausing all the rumours, Samsung Electronics has said that it is launching a foldable smartphone this year only. This information has been given in CNBC’s report.

This smartphone will be similar to the traditional flip phone, in which the two parts of the handset will be linked with the help of a Hing. But South Korean technology company is also focusing on delivering real display on a giant turn.

Samsung Electronics’s IT and Mobile Communications Division President and Chief Executive Officer D.J Koh said “The time has come for launching a foldable device” in CNBC’s report released on Tuesday late night, according to Koh, because the survey of customers shows that there is a market for such handsets.

Detailed information about this handset can be presented in the Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco in November. However, Koh did not provide any information about when this device would be fully launched, or when it would be sold in the market for sale.


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