We all use cards nowadays such as debit cards and credit cards for payment and this kind of revolution is more trending for cashless payment which is more secure as the owner who owns has to enter the password before transacting on the whole. Samsung Pay has made it to India first – before Android Pay or Apple Pay.

How does it work?

Samsung Pay has a much biggest advantage of being over with others is that it can be used in almost any POS for swiping cards. This is because Samsung Pay integrates two technologies – NFC (Near Field Communication) and MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission).

The process for both MST and NFC has been similar which also stands second with MST being enabled one to pay in regular POS machines. It has been noted that the process what we used to see for both MST and NFC remains similar with by just selecting your card in the Samsung Pay app we use fingerprint or PIN to the near POS machine.

Just select your card in the Samsung Pay app, use fingerprint or PIN and bring it near the POS machine. The machine realizes a card has been presented for payment and display the amount. Once the dealer (or you) enters the amount, the POS will ask for your PIN (as it does when you use physical cards). Once you enter the PIN, the payment will get through.

The Cry Of The Infants


The wireless plan which is based on the mobile carrier’s offering with additional message and data varies and may apply with charges, which does not charge any fees for credit, debit cards for Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay usually supports MST – Magnetic Secure Transmission, which works with any payment terminal accepting contactless payments. Samsung Pay usually works at terminals, which uses NFC or MST – Magnetic Secure Transmission – payments.

Samsung Pay as a terminal, we can use it essentially and possibly to tap or magnetically swipe. The phone emits a magnetic signal which stimulates magnetic strip on the back of a credit card or debit card. There is a company which was acquired by mobile payment company known as LoopPay which develops the specific MST technology for Samsung Pay.


Android Pay is Google’s second swing of mobile payments, which replaces Google’s Wallet system. Android Pay uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to transmit payment information for your phone and the properly equipped terminals which support at stores.

It has been told recently that using Android Pay has been bringing a much better chance of success with Google’s Wallet. Samsung Pay works in stores which support NFC payments called MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission).

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