Samsung galaxy s9 details revealed

  • Dristi Banaudha

If you’re looking for a brand new smartphone design from Samsung then I have a bad news for buyers. This year Galaxy S’s release will not impress you in terms of the design.

The design of Galaxy S9 is slightly modified from the Galaxy S8. But, if we talk about inside of it then I have a good news too. This smartphone is filled with some exciting features and a brand new hardware. The center of attraction in S9 is it’s camera, according to various reports that have been suggested.

Its main trick seems to be it’s camera as it’s expected by the company to turn the camera experience into the major selling point, considering a recently revealed trademark application.

The camera specifications haven’t been fully leaked in front of Samsung Galaxy’s S9 press conference but the company had published a page on its website which states more details about their camera innovations.

Samsung is a self-reliant the company which relies totally on its own Isocell branded cameras for the Galaxy S9 and other products too, and the company just published a new page on it’s a semiconductor which has been titled as “MOBILE IMAGING JUST GOT STUNNING WITH ISOCELL”.

According to some reports, this page describes the camera technology that will be found in the Galaxy S9. The page details about the distinct Isocell sensors which include Bright, fast and slim. It’s still debatable that which a sensor has been used inside the S9. “The Isocell Fast model seems like a likely candidate. It’s also mentioned on the page that Samsung’s Isocell Dual sensor, will likely equip the Galaxy S9+. Isocell features Tetra cell technology that is supposed to improve low light photography. It will happen by merging four neighboring pixels as an entity i.e., as one big pixel. Isocell delivers instant autofocus even for the moving objects and in low or dim light too.

Samsung has a new 3-stack Fast Readout Sensor ( FRS) which is conducive to high speed capturing at Full HD resolution. Samsung offers an instance that shows video recording in Full HD at 480 fps. Current rumors say that the Galaxy S9 will contain a new super slow motion video recording mode, identifying the camera as a “super speed dual pixel 12-megapixel” camera with optical image stabilization and flexible aperture.

Well! Samsung has always been well known for its camera. Its camera is the major attention seeker that attracts the buyer to buy Samsung smartphones.

After all these years Samsung has always tried to do something new whether it’s camera modifications or wireless charging. And Samsung too holds the highest share in Android market. After going through all the details of Samsung Galaxy S9 I think one should have this phone necessarily.


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