Same Sex Marriage : Not a Taboo but a Basic Human Right


Marriage – a holy bond that binds two (sometimes more in this day and age) individuals together for an entire life, making them a participant in each other’s happiness, sadness, success, and failure. Marriage – a relationship that makes two people indispensable parts of each other’s lives, a relationship that gives us a partner for life.

I believe, marriage should happen only when the people involved in it are in love with each other. It is very often seen that marriage is taken as a tool by some people for their own gain but this is not at all appropriate. For me, the most essential things in marriage are trust and love between the counterparts.

There are different kinds of people in the world. Our preference is personal to us and no one else has a right to judge us on the basis of our likes and dislikes. The gender we are attracted to is a part of our biological make-up. A girl may like a girl, a boy may love another boy, there is nothing wrong about it and is not a ‘psychological illness’ as many narrow-minded people like to think. It all boils down to the simple fact of our personal choice and preferences and we need to respect it in case of each and every individual.

The idea of same-sex marriage as seen as revolting by many people, but to me, it is as normal as a boy and a girl getting married; the only difference is that they both belong to the same sex. But if they love each other and are consenting adults it’s their decision and if we can’t be happy for them for finding their ‘right person’ in life, we don’t deserve any say in it.

Marriage is about life about love and finding the right person to spend a lifetime with, and if that person belongs to the same sex, then there is nothing wrong with it. I am in full support of same-sex marriage and I think if we want to call ourselves modern and progressive everyone needs to accept it with arms too.

Many countries all around the world have officially given consent to same-sex marriage and made it legal. In India too people are gradually becoming more and more accepting which indeed is a very good feat. 27 out of 195 countries in the world have passed laws allowing gay marriage, according to the Pew Research Center. Even England’s the great monarchy is going to witness its first gay marriage. Lord Ivar Mountbatten, second cousin of Queen Elizabeth, will marry James Coyle, his partner of two years, in the monarchy’s first-ever same-sex wedding later this summer. According to reports, the Queen is very accepting and open-minded about this marriage which is a very positive sign for the global scenario too as many countries and people follow the British royals. So if a monarchy has made gay marriage official and legal than we can accept the same from many other democracies in the future too.

We all, as humans, possess equal rights and options of living. Marriage is one of them and to give people the freedom of choice regarding their life partners is a very basic freedom that we all should avail of. Humanity can prosper not through words but practice and to become acceptable to something like same-sex marriage is a step towards humanity.

Let’s say yes to love and not social conventions, let’s give people the right to choose not push them towards an unstable and unhappy future in fear of the society and ‘what will people say?’. Let us all be accepting, not questioning. Let’s say yes to love not the gender.


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