1. She is the forbidden fruit of the tree you were too afraid to climb when you were 5 but you are 21 now and the idea of her doesn’t seem so taboo anymore. Your family has always been religious but you know if you are to chase salvation after all, then you wouldn’t mind her to be your sin just this once.
  2. You were seven when your mother sat you down beside the pile of religious text your father brought for you with the sole purpose of stamping the letters written in it on your bones but all those letters are lost in your blood, all you are left with is the boldness of her sin.
  3. You are 21 now and you start to implement the allegory of your mother in your life, perhaps only someone as celestial as your sin can teach you salvation.
  4. Your sin tells you to see, to find God in places where even hell’s darkness falls short to reach. And you try, every night you search for something sacred in this realm and then you look into her eyes, and curse God. If those eyes aren’t holy, if they don’t relieve you of the feelings of repentance from your shoulders with just one look, she told you to look and you looked into her eyes, you have found your God now.
  5. Your sin tells you to fight, fight your own consciousness, your own body revolting against its skin, your blood against your veins, your breath against your lungs, your beats against your core. You fight a Jihad within yourself now but when she commands your cells to rise, you realise she’ll always be throned a winner, victory will always be her’s.
  6. Your sin tells you to worship, and you find hidden temples in cervices of her back, you worship her uncharted bones and uncensored tongue and unconditional skin. You worship her so, all the prayers answered with her voice. And it surprises her, you see perhaps an atheist isn’t supposed to worship so passionately or rather maybe you are afraid she’ll be the last of all that religion your mother talked about.
  7. Your sin tells you to hurt, you scrape a wound deep enough by her stomach with your pen , you never meant to fill it with streams of hatred , it was supposed to be a pond of poetry for when the apocalypse strikes. Atleast she’ll have enough prayers written about her . But she is a Goddess and you must achieve salvation and when she  tells you to hurt , you must. You resist the urge to press your wounds together and let her blood flow through yours. Perchance the true hurt for you lies in the fact that maybe a disciple, a follower, a lover can never be as great as a God, a leader, a sinner
  8. Your sin tells you to gain acceptance , and you know by now that this is where the atonement strikes , perhaps all those books which told about god being the one giving salvation forgot to mention which god and maybe that’s what led you to find your own. She forces acceptance through leaving , she puts your heart on the altar and butchers your spirit, she forces acceptance through sufferance , through

Extravasate , she promised you

Salvation and she heresy does


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