Sacred Games- Is It Something Fresh?


Is Sacred Games a fresh project? To a daily soap watcher- Yes!

To the younger generation who watches various types of Movies and TV Series from all over the Globe- No!


Because an Indian daily soap enthusiast found the concept, of limited episode series, alien but a movie freak like me saw a mixture of Scarface, Godfather, Terminator and Narcos. I am not saying that they (Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane) copied the theme, I can’t say that because they are far more artistic and brilliant than me but some sequence looked very familiar to me like the opening scene with a man with stone expression, guns blazing and the scoring had essence of Godfather, the development of Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) was just like of Al Pacino’s in Scarface.

Sacred Games is a portrayal of wrongdoings done in the name of religion in India and it also portrays the ideology of how every Hindu was on board when they were striking down Babri Masjid but what made me feel cheated was some concept of zero importance such as Feminism (Anjali Mathur’s side) and Transgender (Kukoo’s side) issue, I mean common Anurag Sir we know that you are anxious to tell people about what is going wrong in the world but don’t make a “Khichdi” of it. Serve everything but one at a time. I recently attended the online Masterclass of David Mamet in which he told us that a true Drama is one which shows the audience what it promises in the Title or Poster but your last two projects were a mixed bag of almost every single issue going on in the world.

In Mukkabaaz you showed everything but Mukkabaazi and in Sacred Games, it got so boring after a few episodes until the last one when you returned to the main theme.
Another good thing about Sacred Games is that it has spot-on nudity, no unnecessary flashing but the cuss-words are too much. The former part is showing a new path but the later is closing the gates. Unnecessary cuss words were hilarious when we were kids but now it’s not that funny. It must add some meaning to the script.

The acting is very POWERFUL (specially Jitendra Joshi and Nawaz).
The score was not so Original. The script is adapted from a Novel of the same name written by Vikram Chandra.

To me it’s the first small step towards a bigger goal, a must watch series, please pay for it and watch because people work day and night to provide you with some great stories that you can enjoy with your family and friends. I’ve no right to give ratings to the work of my Inspirations but I assure you that it is a mirror of our present-day society and it’s VERY INTERESTING.


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