Sachin Pilot : Will Yogi Adityanath come to Tonk to campaign for Younus Khan?


In the Rajasthan assembly elections, Congress President Sachin Pilot has targeted Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and asked whether he will come to ask for a vote for his party candidate Younus Khan from Tonk. During the campaigning in nine panchayats and cities throughout the day on Wednesday, Pilot accused BJP of doing politics in the name of religion and caste.

During his every speech in Tonk, Sachin Pilot called the election battle with Younus Khan as the battle of ideology rather than personal. Pilot said that the UP Chief Minister is going to campaign in different parts of the state, will he come here too? A large number of people are gathering in rural areas along with urban areas in the meetings of the state Congress president, who are contesting the first assembly elections.

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Even during the campaign on Wednesday, people in the villages welcomed the pilot in bullock carts and chariots and received a unique welcome from the fruits. During this, Pilot appealed to the voters of Tonk to make him a winner by giving the most votes in the state. Pilot said that there is a BJP government in the centre and the state. People were expecting development. In such a way, He felt regret to look that the farmers have committed suicide due to their suicide.


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