A Rollercoaster Ride Back To High School

  • Poonam Harsinghani

 High school, the word itself brings a flood of memories leaving us grinning like an idiot. No matter how much we all frowned when the morning light gave a knock on our windows while we tucked our heads inside the pillows, it was all worth it.

Remember how we all grimaced when it was announced that morning assembly would be held on the ground. The hot sun roasted all the students into a human barbeque which was so annoying. We all have at least once bunked those boring lectures and fled to the canteen with our squad.

 I agree we all resembled a zombie during those early hours of our school but the moment our crush used to enter the class the world seemed to come to a halt. Our hearts seemed to be banging inside our chest on receiving a smile from that one crush of ours.The only reason which inspired us to keep a good record of attendance.

 Lunch breaks are the best breaks ever known to humanity. The whole class used to be filled with the aroma of delicious homemade food. Snatching others lunch and sharing ours was a daily routine. Oops!! how can I forget the pranks which we played on our teachers and the nicknames assigned to each of them? ell, that was certainly hilarious.

  That singing in the lunch breaks at the top of our lungs while banging our benches.

That barging in the class like a boss. That waking up till 12 in the midnight to wish our friends and giving them the most amazing birthday bombs. Appling a glint of extra kajal in the washroom or adjusting your tie in the corridor when the crush walked by. That first proposal which sent butterflies through our stomach. Those laughs which still echoes in our ears and those tears which we couldn’t control during the farewell.

         We all hardly studied for our terms during the whole year but completed the whole syllabus just the night before exams. Savage enough. Those cliche queen bees, the popular ‘hunks’ and the nerds who were mandatory in every school. Life was amazing and messier at the same time. Books were hardly touched and the battery of our phones was always drowning. Bathing was skipped and breakfasts were ignored because let’s all agree to this- waking up in the morning was way too much pressure for the innocent students.

         Gone are those days and memories are the only things which remain with us. Even now that nerd would be tucked in some corner with the book. Even now those hunks might be playing on the football ground. Even now that queen bee might be boasting about her new branded clothes. Even now our friends might be fighting for lunch. But with everyone under the same roof, the things were different. The high school will always be missed because it gave each one of us millions of reasons to smile.

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