This Rohtak Gang Rape Case -What we know and what all we actually need to know!


So another Brutal rape case happened in Sonepat, Haryana where the girl was brutally Gang Raped. Let us go through the what happened and what is going on, briefly.

The two accused in rape and murder of Sonepat woman in police custody on Saturday. May 13, 2017

The incident happened in 9th May, when the girl was abducted by 5-6 boys and raped her in a deserted area.

The mother reportedly said that the man has been pressurizing her for marriage for almost a year and after the girl rejected, the man did this sinful deed.

These people belong to Dalit community and the case is being compared with the Nirbhaya Rape case which took place in Delhi. The girl was firstly gang raped, and then inserted sharp objects in her private areas, which nearly damaged her food pipe and then shattered her skull. The culprits also ran over their car in her body to make in unrecognizable. Her body has been mutilated and tortured to a hideous extent. She was found later near the Industrial Model Township in Urban Estate, Rohtak, on May 11. Eventually, stray dogs have bitten parts of her face and her lower part of the body.

“The findings suggest that it was a brutal rape and murder,” said Dr S K Dhatterwal, Head of the forensic medicine department in Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences in Rohtak, where the post- moterm was conducted.

Two people have been arrested including Sumit, the main cuplrit and Vikas, who was with him. They are charged on Rape, Murder and Abduction.

Where did things go wrong :-

  1. The family of the girl has said that they did complain to the Sonipat police about this man harrassing her over a month ago. But they DID NOT take any further steps, saying that only a “verbal complain” was done and there was no written complaint. Apparently it was their responsibility to take care of the matter, even if it was done in a carefree way. Yet, they didn’t. Had they been a little more careful, the situation could have avoided.
  2. Sumit, the guy with his “jilted lover” attitude took the matter to his hands and took his revenge in his own way. But is there any end to stop this mentality? Whether a Man is from Dalit community or whatsoever, his ability to handle rejection is all portrayed as frustration which ends up in hideous crimes like these. Women can say no, and it is high time Men like him start accepting that rather taking it all up as his vile Male ego.

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  3. One of the weirdest, I’d say, irresponsible way to portray a rape case via Media is surprising to me. Parallelizing this rape case with Nirbhaya rape case makes the Nirbhaya rape case the benchmark stood up for all such crimes. A rape is a rape, it is one of the most hideous, disgusting crime ever done, no matter how brutal it is. In this case, the girl was tortured, and in other rape cases the victims are tortured equally. Screaming out “Another Nirbhaya” in certain newspaper headlines desentisizes the height of crime committed.

Yet another crime where the Victim suffered and could not live. The family did give six more names who were included in the crime. Sadly, she couldn’t live and we can just hope that the culprits get the punishment of equal calibre of the crime they committed.

Deep condolences to the victim’s family.


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