Review TV Serial: Ab Kar Meri Rufagari

  • Navneel Maji

Ab Kar Meri Rufagari, which is translated as Now You Mend Me, as the name suggests is a romantic serial from Pakistan aired on ARY digital. The show total has 24 episodes and directed by Adnan Wai Qureshi. The show is actually based on a novel of the same name by Saira Raza. Each show being 40 minutes long, each with an opening theme called Ab Kar Meri Rufagari by Hassan Hayat Khan who is also the music composer. The show is released on 28 January to14 July 2016.The show has been compared with the Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice through the plot has been well developed in unique eastern sort of way.

The story is of some Taj family who are very conservative, where there are strict rules to be followed by the members, especially women who were not allowed to marry anyone without their consent. Amidst, there is a woman named Taban ( starring Ushna Shah) who is the central character of the show. She is very ambitious and focused on his life.The story goes as Jazib (starring Daniyal Raheel) falls in love with her and becomes crazy about her and tries every possible way to bring her into his life. Now how will this relationship turn out is worth following. Zoofi, her sister is also bold and takes her sister’s side. Their father, Mujahid is very strict but never trusts them and overly conscious of them. When he came know what is happening, becomes suspicious of Taban when he notices Jazib’s obsession with her. He warns him to stay away from his daughter, but he refuses which leads him devising a plan to injure him.

Their mother, Zahida also plays an important role in the story. She is also very focused and dutiful. She always tries to advise their daughters what is right. The situation turns out that, the Taj family discovers that Taban has married Jazib after she was threatened by his parent to marry Shakeel (Taliban’s cousin) who has revolting nature. Her family assumes that she did this purposefully and has betrayed their trust. This leads to many consequences, Shakeel becomes very angry decides to take revenge on her, her father became totally paranoid for taking such decision. The overall situation has also affected Taban herself who became very emotionally estranged even though Jazib’s treated her with affection. The story continues to get more and more gruesome when Shakeel kidnaps his and brings her back to the house. All this shows how our societies go at so long just to protect their baseless ideologies and customs. The show will indeed prove to be great awareness to people. Lessons learnt with a slice of romance and gruesomeness.


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