Review Cartoon TV Serial: Bandbudh aur Budhbak

  • Navneel Maji

It is a cartoon tv series featuring two ten-year-old boys named Budhadev and Badrinath, who have a wicked but humorous personality like any naughty school student. They are highly mischievous which always gets them into trouble in the school. But story so happens that every time they plan their way of the mess some way or other, and that keeps the interest in the show. The school principal, Jeeva is always on their target. The show is very adventurous, in every episode, they come with something with another to make a big fuss around the corner. There are scenes in the classroom where they occasionally get into a quarrel with the teacher, and every time in ends with either of them cracking a funny, sarcastic joke. The jokes flow one after the other, and all the scoldings of their teacher have no effect on them. There are times when they along with some teacher go around the city, to try different things, there also they didn’t miss any chance to annoy him. It’s not just their teachers that they trouble, they don’t miss any possibility to annoy their classmates: popping a grasshopper inside someone’s shirt, stealing their pen, and so on. The show never stops showing how fun is it to go to school and a lesson for the generation that no matter the cost one should never lose their innocence no matter the difficulty. The series is not heavy at all and so, the elders will enjoy the show if they want to lighten their mood.

The show animation is equally funny and cute. Budhadev and Badrinath look very innocent and reply how a child would reply though it has terrible jokes that piss-off their teacher very badly. The intro theme couldn’t get any funnier, and there will be no child who wouldn’t like this show. The lyrics of the show are equally funny and praising the notoriety of Bandbudh our Budbak along with the hopelessness of the teacher to mould them into the system. The other visuals outlines, colours, etc. are kept within the school theme mostly.The dialogues from the characters are in filmy style adding to the humour in the show. The characters in the show are similar to other such child cartoon series like Santa Banta or Chota Bheem. The show is a childhood favourite of many, and so, they have received good reception across the country.

The show is a production of Zee Q TV.

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