The tensions are running high again. It has hardly been a few weeks since the students had written their boards. The students this year also had to deal with the threat of re-examinations in the light of academic misconduct and cheating. After all of this tension and worry and stress, the students had a few days to blow off steam and de-stress ( or start coaching classes if you are in 10th and want to do a “professional course”), they are again worried about their results.

Despite the importance attached to these exams, we may be laughing at all the memes being made about Indian parents, students and results. But for some, this may be an incredibly traumatising time. Many students might be on the verge of depression or even committing suicide due to the sheer amount of stress they are under. If you suspect someone of being in such a situation, try talking to them about their hobbies or passions. Tell them that this is not the end of the world. Above all, encourage them to get the health they need to improve their mental health.

This is also a turning point in the lives of many students, especially 10th graders, who may now be trying to chart the course of their future careers by choosing their streams. It is very well known that most students are simply forced to choose the sciences due to stereotypes and the whole engineering and medicine mania. Yet the reality is that some students may not want to take sciences. Commerce and humanities are also good options, despite the stereotype that commerce is for “average” students and humanities for “failures”. The stream that you select will matter and it is a decision that has to be made wisely and not just for the sake of pleasing your parents because it is ultimately your career that is being affected.

Just remember to breathe and believe in yourself. This might seem like a cliche but it is what will help you. There’s no denying that these marks are important, but they are not a representative of who you are or what you’re capable of. Always remember that you will have a second chance and what is done is done. Try to make the best of the result you get and pledge to work even harder and try to be the best version of yourself. Don’t be afraid of what the world says.

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