Restaurant On The Go – A Coffee Truck From The Pre-Food Truck Era


Bored of having breakfast at the same old diner with cheap plastic tables and arrogantly rude waiters? Desperately in need for something new? Then hop onto your bike and head towards the corner where KR Market meets Avenue Road, because this is where an orange – brown minibus, a sort of breakfast truck stands every morning. The staff, is more than eager to serve a steaming coffee, mouth-watering Upma and delicious Khara Bath to any soul that finds their way to the truck in search of something different.

Mr. Devasakutty, the owner of the food truck (if you could call it that!), had been working for the Coffee Board of India since 1991, which was when he moved to Bangalore from Kerala. Not many years had passed when he came up with the idea of opening a mobile coffee shop, which he proposed to his friends. They quickly agreed and decided to come up with a concrete plan regarding the execution of the idea.


“This was long before today fancy food-trucks came up, you see”, he said as he effortlessly counted the money a customer gave him. Mr Devasakutty took a voluntary retirement from the board as soon as a plan was made and it was not long before he brought a bus in joint ownership with his friends. This is how probably the first mobile food shop in Bangalore came into existence about 19 years ago.

coffee truck bangalore

The bus was converted into a kitchen, with a mini-stove and shelves to store ingredients, which is convenient because the food served here is always freshly cooked.  The bus itself is fully functional and driven to work every morning. By the time Mr. Devasakutty drives the bus in at 5:30, preparations are already halfway through and as soon as the food’s ready, the hood’s open to the customers. Since KR Market’s bustling with activity during the mornings, it’s no wonder that there is no dearth of customers for this food truck.

And of course, the kind of service they provide commands loyalty. They have a lot of regular customers, who take a de route on their way to work to grab a cup of their coffee. Just as a picture is considered better than a thousand words, in this case, a taste is better than a hundred recommendations. So, hop into your car and head over to KR Market’s favourite food truck, before the crowd takes over you.


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