Rajendra Prasad

There are no history and political science lessons being taught in Indian schools without the mention of Dr Rajendra Prasad. His contribution towards freedom of the nation and vision of building a better India makes him one of the greatest leaders of this era.

He died on February 28, 1963, and this year marks his 55th death anniversary.

Here are some facts about our beloved leader:


  1. He was born to Mahadev Sahai, a scholar of Sanskrit and Persian languages, and Kamaleshwari Devi, in Jiredai, present-day Bihar on December 23, 1884.


  1. He was a bright student during his youth and his father had made him get trained in Sanskrit, Persian languages and arithmetic from a Moulavi. He stood first in the entrance exam conducted for admission to Bachelors program and was consistently securing the first rank in the exams. He aced it so well that once an examiner said that he was indeed better than an examiner.


  1. He graduated from Presidency College in Calcutta with honours in Economics and took a job as a lecturer initially.


  1. He then had politics calling him and became an ardent follower of M.K.Gandhi. He actively took part in Salt Satyagraha in 1931, Quit India Movement in 1942 and many other social reforms.


  1. He then became Minister for Agriculture and Food for the newly independent India. In 1950 he was elected the President and was in incumbent position for 12 years, becoming the first President of India to have served two full terms (1950-1962)


  1. He then retired from the post in 1962 citing health reasons and in the same year, he was conferred with Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award of India.


  1. Some of the books authored by him are Division Of India, At the feet o Mahatma Gandhi, Atmakatha( Autobiography written while serving 3-year jail term in Bankipur Jail)



Aapko Naman! Rajendra Babu



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