Remembering Dr. B R Ambedkar On His Birth Anniversary

BR Ambedkar Birth Anniversary

Remembering Dr B R Ambedkar on his birth we remember his words:-

 “Life should be great rather than long” were the words of the great man who was instrumental in framing the constitution of independent India. He abided by his words. He left an everlasting impact on not only the laws of the country but also in people’s hearts.
Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, fondly known as Babasaheb was the last child born to Ramji Malojii Sakpal, an officer of British Indian Army and Bhimabai Sakpal in a Dalit household.
He had been an economist, jurist, politician and social reformer who inspired Dalit Buddhist movement and was a voice of the untouchables. He campaigned against the discrimination faced by the untouchables.


Here are some of the facts about the founding father of the Republic of India.

1.His original surname was Ambavadekar. His teacher Mahadev Ambedkar, who was very fond of him because of his intellect and humbleness changed from Ambavadekar to his own surname Ambedkar.

2.He is the first Indian to obtain a doctorate degree in Economics from abroad.
The establishment of Reserve Bank of India was based on the ideas presented by Ambedkar to the Hilton Young Commission.

3.He was instrumental in the division of Bihar and Madhya Pradesh4.His ideas were feministic and had advocated equal rights for women. He quoted, “I measure the progress of the community by the degree of progress which women had achieved. Let every girl who marries stand by her husband, claim her to be her husband’s friend and equal, and refuse to be his slave. I am sure if you follow this advice, you will bring honour and glory to yourselves.”

4.Ambedkar’s autobiography is used as a textbook in the Columbia University.
Three days after completing The Buddha and his Dharma, his final manuscript, Ambedkar died in his sleep after suffering a cardiac arrest on December 6, 1956, at the age of 65.
Though his ideologies were not liked by many, his contribution towards building a strong India cannot be ignored. His absence created a void that cannot be replaced by anyone.



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