Reliance Jio Hacked, Customer Database Of 120 Million Users Leaked!


Jio entered the telecom market last year with very low tariff rates, almost offering free services. Due to the low cost of 4G services by Jio, many mobile users switched to Jio. As a result, the number of Jio users had increased exponentially. Many wondered at that time itself, how reliable Jio security is and their speculation might became true with the recent data that is published on “”.

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Recently “” website surfaced on various Social media platforms and became viral. This website provided a simple user interface, where a person can retrieve the details of a Jio user just by entering a Jio number. After submitting the request, Magicapk provided the details of a Jio user like his full name, mobile number, state and Aadhar details.

If this hack is confirmed then the personal details of 120 Million users can be believed to be in the hands of Hackers. Also, this could be the ever-biggest data breach in Indian History.


While many Jio users want to confirm the authenticity of the news by visiting Magicapk website. But it is being displayed as “Account suspended” message, leaving many Jio users with even more doubts and fear that their personal details got compromised.

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Responding to this breach, Reliance Jio stated that ” There isn’t such security breach happened. Our systems are designed with high-security standards and are not vulnerable to any hacks. We have already begun to look to into this issue as several users are claiming it without any substantial evidence to prove.


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