Relevance Of Labour Day

Labour Day Relevance

An annual one day fest cum holiday observed to celebrate the labours and working classes of the society. Labour Day is better known as Workers’ Day or International Workers’ Day.

The May Day aka Labour Day is observed on May 1, every year after the advent of labour union movement dating back to the year 1864, when the public from various countries across the Globe gradually started gaining impetus in the favour of eight-hour work a day.

The Labour Union Movement eventually arose to an extent that the demands of the workers had to be accepted worldwide, that too when the demands were a genuine thing to talk about.

Many countries celebrate the day with parades, marches and barbecues. In the year 1904, the 6th Conference of the 2nd International called upon ‘all Social Democratic Party organisations and trade unions from all over the world to ask them to demonstrate and bring into action the establishment of 8-hour work per day as legal on the 1st of May.

The concept of labour day, in India, was introduced by the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan with the party’s leader, Comrade Singaravelar, was the first one to celebrate the Labour Day in Madras in the year 1923 by holding two meetings after which the High Court Passed a bill that stated, ‘the government should grant workers a one day national holiday on May 1st.

The Labour Day become a relevant trend due to its following key features:
  • Celebrates the labours’ and workers’ classes of the society. Labour festivals are being celebrated across the globe. It attracts thousands of attendees every year.
  •  Attempts to demolish racial criticism and inequality has been made readily.
  • There have been improvements introduced in the working conditions of the labour and working class.
  • The labours can now enjoy the liberal weekends and have a relaxing hour every day.

Various political parties and their leaders have chosen the social media to greet and hail the occasion of labour day to the nation. Also not forget to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of people contributing to the society. President Ram Nath Kovind used Twitter to convey his acknowledgement towards the innumerable workers who have had contributed their share to the country.

Don’t you forget to convey your greetings on the labour day today, pay your homage, not by charity but, by respect and tribute to the fellow workers of the world and mend your haughty behaviours towards them. Happy Labour Day 🙂




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