Reduced Rainfall – A New Hope For Kerala


News about floods in Kerala has been circulating for a long time now. With the onset of incessant rains, conditions have been worsening for quite some time. But a recent weather forecast from the meteorological department has brought in a new hope across the flood infested state and the grave situation of all those affected by the flood. According to the forecast, the rate of rainfall is to wear down in the coming days, which is a major welcome for everyone.

But even though the rain and flood situation is to get better in the coming days, the damage already caused by this natural disaster is massive and irreversible. According to the latest updates, the death toll due to floods have risen to an alarming number of 192 and we can presume that it has every chance of increasing in the future. Relief and rescue is being carried out all over the flood-affected areas, but whatever we may do, the pain, grief and loss of the people can never be dealt with or reduced. We just hope that the helping hand extended by people all over the country helps in reducing their pain and give them a hope for better days to come.

Keeping in mind the forecast of the meteorological department, the red alarm will be lifted from all the different districts of Kerala. Only three districts, Pathanamthitta, Idukki and Ernakulam have chances of being given an orange alert due to their prevailing conditions while all other districts are to be given yellow and green alerts according to their situations. We just hope that the weather forecast holds true and the people get to see a ray of hope with the rays of the rising sun.

Help and well wishes have been extended to Kerala from different corners. According to reports, Chattisgarh has contributed Rs 7.5 crores while Haryana has donated RA 10 crores to help deal with the relief and re-establishment of all the affected people. In addition to this, the IAS officers of Tamil Nadu have decided to donate their one day salary to the relief fund and all ministers, MPs and MLAs of the Aam Aadmi Party have decided to give their one month’s salary for the relief fund.


Dalai Lama has also contacted the Kerala government for contributing to the donations, although the sum is yet to be known. PM Modi has also announced an additional relief of Rs 500 crores for the state after going through the condition of the state. Air India is also trying to help by operating special flights from Cochin Naval base as Cochin airport is closed due to floods.

With all the help and concern that Kerala and its people have been getting from all across, I pray to God that the people come out of this devastating condition soon. Being a person from a state where the flood is a common and annual phenomenon, I am well aware of what havoc floods can cause. So I just hope that all woes go away and people see brighter days soon.

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