Behind The Red Light Area


What first strikes through our mind when hearing the term red light zone is, all about prostitutes, call girls, sex shops, strip clubs , adult theater and all the other things related to adultary. We never care to ponder little and at times almost nil about the situations and reality behind this so called the Red Light Area. Speaking factually, we hardly have time spare from our prejudicial behaviour to give a piece of thought to it. We are so very much budy in our own world to create gossips about any topic of human interest.

What we see from outside is merely an artificial makeover of the red light district. We don’t think about the people living in those areas above their profession, we give no time to think about the kind of life, how luxurious or how miserable, they lead and for what reasons they chose this very profession. On the way towards the canteen with my a very big and jolly friend group, this point hit and broke the series of my thoughts out of no where. I had always had to think about a good, up to the mark topic to write about and this was actually the one qualifying that mark. Now that I could not write about the same right away, I kept it preserved in my memory notes.

There are a few buildings near my college whose contruction often reminds me of the red light zone and I have always wondered about the things taking places behind them when they ain’t a adult theater. When the girls, boys, and almost anybody is not what they are when performing their duties; when ain’t anything in particular. When they are just human beings alike you and me; alike everybody else. For quite a long time I have had that vague wonder creeping inside me about about what these people think throught the day and what they think of the outside world, of themselves, or if they have that inferiority complex about themselves because of the society’s stereotypical behaviour.

Today we have painted a damn negative image of this prostitutional institution. We have almost forgotten that a coin has two aspects. To us it may merely be a cheap class area below our social standard to walj through but, to them it means their medium of bread to them. Giving them a criticising look is not a way we treat other human beings just because they are involved in a low professional. Its not always true that people are willingly indulged in an unexpected district of the society. Sometimes they are forced to be there and sometimes its out of necessity to be a member there unwillingly.

We need to remove and clear up the debris and misinformation and lies spread out in the media about this area that is equally a part of the society and needs democracy. Imagine a group of friends spending a day window shopping and comparing hats and  bags they want they loved and discussing skirts and shoes to pants and sandles. Now change these skirts and shoes to prostitutes and sex workers. We love discussing the former and have no shame in bargaining and arguing about the same to the vendors and shopkeepers, while on the other hand we are so intolerant about discussions even on the lattar, despite being the regular customers to them just because we wish to maintain a high class standard, keeping our realself, the mean one, under covers.

I believe this is high time and a more than enough, an evolved society to realize our inhuman behaviour towards our fellow beings. Being a member of a democratic nation we need to eradicate the thought of unequality and classification for our behaviour towards other. It is their out look to worry about what labour they do to earn their living. We as humans, are supposed to be genuine and humanly towards them. We need to move up from the level of stereotypical era and develop our own thoughts and course of action for everything. Remember, “If you disrespect a prostitute, you disrespect all human kind” for they are too the humans and deserve an equal behavioir of goodness and gentleness. We need to understand that behind those red light areas live girls and boys; men and women who are humans,the social animals and need to be treated properly.


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