Reasons why Instagram is so much more than just a photography platform


Many of us, on being first introduced to Instagram saw it as an app, only used by people with good photography skills giving out the world snaps of wonder.

 But as we spent more and more time with the app, we begin to notice sketches and paintings popping up in our feed between the glamorous poses and wonderful snaps of landscapes. It somehow incites the artist in us who has been long asleep. Here is a list of reason why Instagram is so much more than just a photographers’ platform.

  • Every one who creates something is an artist. Be it the cooks, craftsmen, designers, painters, makeup artists .Instagram has hundreds of artists both amateur and professional sharing their creations with us, giving us a serious artistic goals and inspiration.
  • The best thing about Instagram is we can present the entirety that we create and it too without the fear of judgments. Because it is a place where various people showcase their talents by crafting unique pieces of art each reflecting their own unique personalities. That is why artists like Todd James’s (@toddjamesreas) and Porous Walker (@porouswalker) who wonderfully illustrate their minds out and are loved for it too.
  • We can never fall short of ideas when we look into Instagram. From authentic recipes to Diy fashion hacks, pages of each kind are only one click away.
  • One thing that differentiates Instagram from other social networking sites is that we get audiences who are looking out for our creations. We get friends who share a common passion for a line and we can connect to them through #hash tags and @shout outs.
  • Over the course of time Instagram has been popular for serving as the entrepreneurial launch pad to the blooming artists. Now a days ,potential buyers look out for artistic pages and decide whether they want to hire them. Therefore,if you are thinking of stating solo and small, think of Instagram.

With all the busy schedules, deadlines and presentations, having a place where we could share our thoughts and ideas unleashing our hidden selves with people sharing the same passion is the best thing that we can ever get from an app. This is what makes Instagram a haven for every kind of individual out there with a knack for creation.


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