Burari Murder Case : Case Study Of The Reasons From The Start Till Now


The advent of July 2018 has been a day of shock and suspensive mystery for the Delhiites after the Delhi Death Case came into light on July 1, where all the 11 members of a family committed mass suicide on June 30, late night. We will try to find the reasons from the start till now in this blog.

Today, we shall take a while and check out all the details revealed in the case to date. And we must begin from everything that this, mind-boggling event started up with and was a result of.

On July 1, Gurucharan Singh (79), a neighbour residing in the colony same as the deceased family, Bhatia did, came to check the house when the Bhatia family did not open their convenience store on Sunday morning. That’s when he saw 10 dead bodies hanging in the hallway of the house. He turned shocked and called upon police for help.

Initially, this suicide pact seemed to be a mass suicide act to attain salvation as per the details found them in the suicide notes by the deceased family members. The demised included Narayani Devi (77), her two sons, Lalit and Bhavnesh, aged 50 and 45 respectively, their wives, Savita and Tina and Narayani Devi’s five grandchildren, Priyanka (33), Neetu (25), Monu (23), Dhruv and Shivam.

Day after day, there are new revelations coming out. The death case that appears to be an act of suicide, is totally denied to be one by the close relatives of the family. The cops then suspected it to be a case of shared psychosis where the delusional beliefs are transmitted from one person to the other. Here, the one who had delusional beliefs is suspected to be Lalit Bhatia (45). He had had a delusion of talking to his father, an army person, who had died years ago.

Now, as the investigations are pacing forth, the new things are being revealed with every passing hour. The police officials say that Lalit hallucinated his family members about an advice given by his dead father about salvation.

There is also a new phase arising with the connection of number 11 with the case. There is a point in the case that needs attention is the number 11. There were 11 people dead, 11 pipes, 11 diaries, 11 years and 11 rods. Is’nt it quite weird that there were 11 people dead and they had all maintained diaries for 11 years, i.e., 11 diaries. 11 plastic pipes were found jutting out of the hall to the outer area and there were also just 11 rods on the main gate. Now, this all is merely a coincidence or a well-planned act by the Bhatia family for the final act of salvation, it will be revealed after further investigation.

When the investigators contacted the construction contractor and welder of the house, they had clearly denied it to be an act of instruction or planning behind the coincidence of the same number of pipes as the number of rods. There was one more thing that deserved attention and it was, out of 11 plastic pipes protruding out, four pipes are straight, seven of them are bent and one is a little away.

There appears to be a specified pattern in this arrangement, i.e., four people of the dead family are men and the seven of them are women, all hung near each other in the hallway. Narayani Devi (77), the sole member who was found in a room, quite away from the place where others were found, exactly as one of the pipes that were seen to be jutted little away from others.

The handwritten notes and diaries found on the scene are being scanned for the meanwhile to check if there lies any connection to the arrangement of pipes or the number 11. An official from the investigation team read out some of the contents of the note found, and it is read as, “Antrim Samay mein aakhiri ichcha ki poorti ke Waqt aasmaan hilega, dharti kaapegi. Uss Waqt tum ghabrana mat. Mantro ka Jaap badha dena. Main aakar tumhein utaar launga. Auron ko Bhi utaarne mein madad karoonga.

This piece of note reveals that the family had not planned to die. They, rather hoped that they would be rescued by either the god or Lalit’s father, who so ever that he has referred to, in the note. The last statement in the diary was penned on the day when the family members committed suicide. The line read, “….keep water in a cup when it changes colour, I will appear and save you. ”
This statement depicts that the family members were expecting someone to rescue them. The sole member to have survived in the family was the pet dog of the family, it was found in a room.on the second floor. In their statements, the neighbours said that on a fateful day, they heard the dog bark too loudly in the late hours.

Not just that, the video footages of the CCTV camera installed opposite the house and the question hour with the neighbours also revealed that the family had been working upon their plan of suicide, to which they have referred to as a ritual in the handwritten notes, almost a week before the final day.

Family members were seen preparing for the hanging. In a video clip, Savita and Tina were seen bringing 5 stools in the house at 10:00 pm on June 30. The teenaged kids, Dhruv and Shivam were also seen carrying the electric wire, which was used for hanging some of the family members. A few days ago, Savita and Tina were seen bringing bags full of pooja samagri.

The investigators also found that the family usually used to send their domestic helpers to purchase household goods, but they, themselves had done all the shopping for the final day, right from the havan samagri to the equipment helpful for hanging. The family had first performed some ritual prayers, followed by the final meal and then they hung themselves to the ceiling.


Lalit and his wife, Tina had played a major role in the suicides. The officials are thus, focusing on their role. Lalit used to register and jot down all the activities of the family members and would instruct them to follow the things that he made a list of. He would also research and watch videos about the mystery of death and souls. This was found in his mobile details.

He was also the last member seen walking inside the house. The investigating officials are now waiting for the final post-Morten and forensic reports to arrive. They are also hoping to see if the last meal ate by the family had sedatives mixed or not. They have also shared in media the statement that they will be looking forward to taking help from psychology and paranormal experts if the case is found to be something about the shared psychotic disorder.




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